Police in Schools - Educational Guides on The School Resource Officer Program


Police in Schools - Educational Guides on The School Resource Officer Program LAW-DS213
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Two discussion guides will provide a brief history of School Resource Officer (SRO) in schools, identify the goals and roles of SROs, address misperceptions, and generate genuine discussion among students.

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The content of the Discussion Guides covers several lessons and response activities on the three main topics of:

• The history of the SRO program

• Roles and goals of SROs in schools

• The effect of SROs on school safety and climate

with an emphasis on the latter two points. It is academically rigorous and aligns with educational standards in the areas of Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening, and Social Studies. The lessons and responses can be conducted over the course of a single week (as a mini-unit) or can be spread out over a longer period (such as one lesson per week for several weeks).

"Police in Schools"

School resource Officer Lesson Plan

You get both Discussion Guides with this resource!

Grades 7-8-9 & Grades 10-11-12

Students will fully engage with the content through use of primary-source documents, authentic learning applications, audio monologues, interactive group tasks, individual written responses, and genuine debate and discussion.

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Police in Schools Discussion Guide

Sample the Audio Monologues

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Included with your Discussion Guides:

Introduction - Discussion

  • Intro (1 page)
  • Step-by-step unit/guide (6 pages)
  • Document 1 - A Timeline of the School Resource Officer (1 page)
  • Document 2 - Safe Schools Officers Network (2 pages)
  • Document 3 - A Safe Learning Environment for Everyone (2 pages - 5 more pages appendix in the Grades 7-8-9 Guide)
  • Document 4 - Executive Summary from the Toronto Schools SRO Program 2011 Follow-Up Evaluation (3 pages)

Student Engagement

  • Task 1 - School Impact Project 2000 (7 pages)
  • Task 2 - (Grades 7-8-9) A Day in the Life of an SRO (2 pages)
  • Task 2 - (Grades 10-11-12) Help Wanted (2 pages)
  • Task 3 - Letter from Mrs. Thornton (4 pages)
  • Task 4 - Letter Informing Parent(s) (1 page)

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Activity sheets for School Resource Officers

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