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Security Guard

Last July, the D.C Council voted to eliminate its security contract with the Metropolitan Police Department. The drive to remove police from schools comes in response to concerns that students of color have been subject to zero-tolerance disciplinary policies. In fact, black youths now account for 92% of student arrests. Critics point out that police are not just used to handle dangerous situations, but to deal with minor infractions.

The message sent to students of color is that they cannot be trusted. The money saved by cancelling the police contract could pay for hundreds of psychologists, guidance counselors, and social workers. However, there are still more than 300 security guards walking the halls of D.C. schools.

Key Takeaways:

  • The DC uprisings and protests against racial injustices created many rippling effects, including a decision to remove police presence in the DC schools.
  • The DC council in particular took a vote and decided to end their double-digit million dollar contract with the MPD.
  • The vote to end the police presence was 8 to 5. And while it spurred activists to take heart, many felt it did not end the problem in its entirety.

"The bill made D.C. Public Schools responsible for overseeing school resource officers instead of MPD, meaning more than 300 security guards continue roaming the halls of D.C. schools."

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