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In the world of real-time information and chase for attention and viewership, media reports give out an impression that crime among youth is at high-levels. The reality is exactly the opposite, since nationwide youth arrests are at a historically low rate.

School Sign with Handcuffs

To put it in perspective, in the last 25 years, this rate dropped almost 75%. This indicator of success is the result of preventive reach programs that many organizations and local governments participate in and which often focus on after-school activities and programs which keep the children off the streets.

Key Takeaways:

  • There were just under 700,000 youth arrests in 2019, a 74% decline since 1996.
  • The Boys and Girls Club's after school program keeps youths off the street.
  • Girls' share of juvenile arrests has grown from 18% to 31% since 1980.

"Juvenile arrests for burglary, theft and arson are at their lowest levels since 1980."

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