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Ever wonder why police uses handcuffs? Discover all you need to know about handcuffs in this guide

Police HandcuffsThe answer may be obvious to most adults, but it isn’t so obvious to a kid. When you show up as school liaison officer in front of an elementary classroom full of kids, the eyes are on every item on your holster. Of course, to a kid, the number one fascination will usually be your firearm. But the handcuffs are certainly not far behind. You know the subject will come up. I designed a handout for elementary kids on handcuffs. These two sheets cover the following points: • What are handcuffs? • How are handcuffs used? • Why do police officers use them? • Are handcuffs dangerous? • A short conclusion. Here is an extract from the article:

Are handcuffs dangerous?

Handcuffs and Arrest

Handcuffs are uncomfortable, but they aren’t supposed to hurt the prisoner. They’re used as a way to keep the prisoner secure and to protect the people around them. Since handcuffs tie a person’s hands behind their back, it can make it harder for a prisoner to keep their balance, so they have to be careful not to trip. Also, if a prisoner does trip, they can’t put their hands out in front of them to break their fall, so they risk getting hurt. That’s one of the reasons a police officer holds on to a prisoner who is handcuffed.

Have a look at this handout.

Police Handcuffs Educational Booklet

It’s a standard PDF format. Two pages, they look beautiful in color and they were also optimized for black and white printing so you don’t have to blow your printing budget. You can photocopy them for your police school presentations, it’s on me. The password: cuffs (I hate robots stealing my stuff) Later this year I’ll have a more detailed package on handcuffs including fun activities as well. Now, I know what you are thinking.

Worksheets on Police Handcuffs

What about the handout on the other tools of the trade? Stay tuned, check this site, there are more coming.