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Customer Care
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Now you can deliver top-notch, entertaining, educational police resources to your community and prove it to the politicians and public watching your every move! YES! You can get my products customized to your law-enforcement agencies. Proudly insert your police logo and name on our products (including some video adventures) for distribution to the people you protect and serve.

Whether you police only a small district or run a nationwide agency, by now you realize that our resources can help you reach your community quicker and easier than any other method. Here are Just a Few of the Things We Can Create Together…

  • Your agencies name and logo on our school video presentations.
  • Your agencies name and logo on our education activity sheets.
  • The right for you to stream “The Old Compass” audio adventure on your web site.
  • The right to distribute “The Old Compass” magazine and activity sheets to the people your serve via your websites.
  • A written message from your chief of police inserted in our magazine (The Old Compass Platinum package only).
  • A message from one of our voice artist giving credit to your police force inserted in our audio adventure. (The Old Compass Platinum package only).

The Old Compass Magazine

    • Create a bold unique presence for your department on our resources at a fraction of the cost and time it would cost you to have similar resources produced.
    • Dramatically improve your reach to kids and families by helping you produce customized magazines, video animations and audio stories reflecting your police agencies.
    • Provide your members with resources that are not only exciting and fulfilling, but they’re also practical and include step-by-step guides to achieve successful presentation.
    • Distribute professional downloadable audio adventures and activities on your law-agencies website.
    • Add effective time management principles and business strategies to reduce hours from your members preparing materials for schools, allowing more time to have them on patrol protecting your community.

Customization 700x400

With very little effort on your part, you can have these done. Tiered licensed fair for all size of police agencies. I care about kids, you and your police force and the resources I produce. I will work with you on customization. I take my time to do it write and achieve the results you're looking for. I will produce a sampler of the product(s) you would like customize. Once you agreed in writing with the sampler and accept the customization there are no refunds on this because I or helper will put in the time customize...

P.S. I'm only  looking for people who are serious about my products representing their agency. If that doesn't apply to you, then please don't apply for this program and waste my/your time. If on the other hand you can see the treasured value into having our resources customized, I think we can work together to get this done right!